The Sunday Salon

As I mentioned in an earlier post this has been a very busy week. My husband is recovering from a chest infection (thankyou to all who sent good wishes) and my father-in-law is in hospital following a stroke. Most of our time has been doing farm work and hospital visiting. However I did manage to finish a fantastic book,
'Kirkland Revels' by Victoria Holt. If you are looking for a gothic romance this book's for you. I loved it , although I had read it about 30 yrs. ago I'd forgotten the story . A real page turner.
So my next book is going to be from the same author, soon I'll be starting 'Shivering Sands' , another read from 30 yrs ago , I'm sure it will still captivate me.
Hope you all have a good week.


Take is easy. And my good wishes for your Husband and father-in-law.
Miss 376 said…
Hope your FIL is making some progress, must be hard work for all the family
Linda Jacobs said…
Glad you are able to carve a little time for yourself in your busy and stress-filled schedule.

Hope everyone will be healthy soon!
Lezlie said…
I hope all is going well!

JoAnn said…
Glad you found a good book to escape to this week. Best wishes for continuing recovery to your husband and father-in-law.

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