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...both Royal and otherwise have been on my mind recently. Two of my daughters joined myself for a wonderful day watching the Royal Wedding. It was fantastic! Her dress , the service , the bridesmaids were all so lovely. Yesterday , the bride was seen supermarket shopping , pushing her trolley along as we all do, (although I don't think there are security men following me in Morrisons, lol!) but she is obviously enjoying her 'normal' married life.

Now for the 'other' weddings ; well two of my daughters are tying the knot this year, one in September and one in December, so there is plenty of wedding talk in this household. Up to now we have one wedding dress, two bridesmaid outfits and one mother of the bride outfit. The priest, choir , church flowers are all arranged and cars and cake are being organised as I type. All the above are for the Septmeber wedding and most will be repeated for the Winter bride.

There is much preparation to be done for 'the' day…