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Paul Doherty

Last week I finished reading Paul Doherty's 'The Poisoner of Ptah'.A very good book, but I did have a few problems with the Egyptian names. The author has catalogued them at the beginning of the book so I was flicking backwards often to find who was the 'Chief Judge' etc.
Other than that I found it fascinating. P. Doherty has done a massive amount of research to be able to solve these crimes in Ancient Egypt. I would recommend this book.

Another Bloomin' Challenge.

Esther on is hosting a book challenge , with flower names in the book titles.
I'm only going to read one at the moment, namely 'The Apothecary Rose' by Candace Robb. It' a mystery set in York in 1363.
Happy Reading.

Spring Reading Challenge

I'm going to sign up to Katrina's Spring Reading Challenge on the following site,

It seems like a good idea. It began on March 20th and finishes in June. The idea being that you choose books that you've maybe partly read or not got round to starting and you polish them off before June.

The website gives more details.

I know I'm a little late in signing up but better late than never.

So here is my list,
My Heart is my Own. John Guy. Not read.
The Memory Keeper's Daughter. Kim Edwards. Review here.
The Revolt of the Eaglets. Jean Plaidy.Read review here.
Revelation . C.J.Sansom(published 4th April). Read review here.
The Thirteenth Tale. Diane Setterfield. Read. The review is here,

I've only read C.J. Sansom and Jean Plaidy books before . So new territory awaits.
The Sansom book is on order from the local library. I love his boo…

The First Post

A warm welcome to readers of this blog. This is something completely new to me. I hope it goes well and I don't bore people.My aim is to blog about books and poetry.

I love the Bronte novels, although I haven't read them all(Wuthering Heights is missing from my list) . It was travelling to visit my daughter a few years ago that I came across a copy of Agnes Grey, and I was hooked. Governesses and contempt of the poor in Victorian society are shown in these pages. The main character 'haunted ' me for quite a while. So after 'Agnes' came Villette, The Professor, Shirley and then the famous Jane Eyre.

This book is a masterpiece imho . I have also watched it on screen , with Zelah Clarke and Timothy Dalton in the title roles and their characterization I felt was wonderful.

A theme running through some of the novels is the main character's longing for a home, with this in mind I came across a poem by Anne Bronte(Acton, The Works of The Bronte Sisters) titled , s…