Kirkland Revels

'Kirkland Revels' by Victoria Holt.

This novel describes life in a dark and eerie house on the Yorkshire Moors, 'Kirkland Revels'. Steeped in history this house becomes the home of newly married Catherine Corder and her husband Gabriel Rockwell. Catherine is fascinated by her new home and her husband's family.
Straight out of school Catherine is a vulnerable girl, bored with her own life , Gabriel's proposal seems an ideal way to find excitement.However after a sudden death in the family Catherine is plagued by would-be ghosts and sinister family members show their dark side. Once pregnant she realises that her life is in danger and although traumatised by 'supernatural' events sets out to find the reason for her persecution.

A wonderful tale of 'medieval' monks , village pagaents and a dark , mysterious abbey in ruins. A gothic romance that made me sit on the edge of my seat! Highly recommended.


Anonymous said…
You are really making me want to revisit some old Victoria Holt novels!
Arleigh said…
Sounds good! I've yet to read one of the 'dark' novels by Holt.

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