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Farming photos.

I have received a request from
'me' one half of Charlie and me for some farming photos. Well here you are Carol. But wait is that quite right the farmers are walking in the opposite direction to the sheep, lol! Oh well another day on the farm.

ABC 3rd. Round. Mog's blog and More...

So another week has flown and we are at the letter 'B'.Baling. Here are my few words to accompany the photo of baling. Dh was baling hay here.

'Your case is packed,
Your passport ready,
Some far, flung isle is calling.

But please spare a thought for the farmer.

His Summer days are long and stressed
As machines breakdown
And rain spreads West
But despite all this
He does his best
In this the season of

More ABC

Busy Day.

Today has been very busy. We stacked most of our hay bales, the rest can wait till tomorrow. I also washed a pair of curtains from the sitting room. So they were washed, dried and hung back up in between the stacking. It was good to get it all done and before 9pm. As 9pm. on Mondays means 'New Tricks' I love this programme. Do any other bloggers watch it?

The Sunday Salon.

Hi all, had a busy week on the farm and I must admit any spare time has been taken up with stitching.
I am still reading 'The Secret Cardinal' and about two thirds through it is proving a good read, a bit brutal in places but a good thriller. I'm sure by next week I will have finished as most of the farm work is done , for the present anyhow. So I should have more to write next Sunday. Hope you all have a good week.

Sky Watch

A familiar scene this time of year as the farmer bales hay.
More sky watch
Click on photo to enlarge.

15 words or less.

Over on Laura's journal we are asked to try and compose 15 words or less about this photo. So here are mine,
'The mists of life
Conceal our path,
Till Heaven's light penetrates
The gloom.'

Booking through Thursday

Booking through Thursday this week asks us the consider our favourite first lines.
As I just finished 'Rebecca' by Daphne Du Maurier a couple of weeks ago the first line is still vivid,'Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again...'
This line draws me in immediately. Now , I know a lot of people know the storyline, but I'm sure even if I didn't, these words would make me curious. Who dreamt? Where/what is Manderley? Had the narrator been there before?
This is a good line . The reader wants to answer these questions.

A book that I love and am going to reread soon is Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte.
The first line in this is sombre and troubling.
'All true histories contain instruction; though, in some, the treasure may be hard to find, and when found, so trivial in quatity, that the dry, shrivelled kernel scarcely compensates for the trouble of cracking the nut.'IMHO these words are the author's way of assessing characters and once the reader has finished the…

A Blogging award.

Lezlie has kindly nominated me for this award.I'm very surprised as I really think my blog is pretty 'run of the mill' compared to some. Thankyou Lezlie.
The recipients of the blog are asked to do the following
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you. (She is on my blogroll...She's that good!)
3. Nominate at least seven other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blog.

So here goes,

As readers will have noticed I've started stitching again. Allie's blog is a real inspiration. Take a look.
2.Honey Bees. Melissa's blog is pure art, her embroidery in all forms is wonderful.
3.Adrienne Adrienne's blog is a good mix of the natural world and the spiritual world. Very uplifting.
4.Contemplating my needle and thread. As the title suggests this blogger is aa artist with the needle. Susimac's blog is full of wonderful ideas.
5. Quill cottage over here Miss Sandy creates a ve…

ABC 3rd round 'A' .Mog's blog and more...

Photo courtesy of
Travel Tidbits.

'It's shape portrays the completeness of the ruling power,
Tiered seating maintained a panoramic view
Of a scene created in blood.
A painting of violence and death.
For from this place few survived
Man and animal
Both were treated equally, brutally.
They walked together
These show beasts and show people.
For this was a circus,
A Roman circus.
And the 'ringmaster' controlled their fate
With a flick of his wrist.

For this was the Arena!'

Crazy block

I have been viewing many sewing blogs recently and this Crazy Quilting theme caught my eye. So I thought I'd have a try. The block shown , (is in great need of ironing,) but I'm really enjoying the 'freedom' this brings. There appear to be no rules with this type off stitching. Please tell me otherwise if that isn't the case, all you great stitchers.
The only trouble so far is that I find the needle for ribbon work is hard to pull through the material. After reading a book on this ,a size 18 Chenille needle is recommended. As my local store couldn't supply this I have ordered on line so more ribbon embroidery will have to wait.
The fabrics I used were leftovers. This seem to be a brilliant way to use them up. I haven't decided what to make it into yet, but no doubt something will come to mind soon.

Book Review

'Amata means Beloved', by Sister Mary Catharine Perry, O.P.
I'd read reviews of this book a while ago and have just got around to buying it. It's a very small novel, about 100 pages so it was a quick read in two days. The opening of the book follows a young girl in her 20's as she enters a cloistered convent. The storyline describes her feelings of anger and hurt as she reflects on her brother's murder.
The day to day life of the nuns is the gist of the book. I really enjoyed this. The author is a nun from a cloistered convent so I'm sure her depiction is accurate.
It brought back happy memories from my childhood as I attended a convent school for a while.
A good read. Spiritually uplifting to me. Highly recommended.

An award.

Charli and me. has awarded me this honour.Thankyou so much Carol, what a great surprise!
I have only been blogging since March. During that time I have 'met' a lot of very friendly people but I have also learnt so much. My reading list has grown with all the wonderful reviews I have read and lately, since I returned to stitching there have been many blogs to inspire me.

In thanks to all these bloggers who have encouraged me in my blogging I'm passing this award on to

Loopy Lou
who creates masterpieces in embroidery and knitting, do take a look.

Donnag on her blog her stitching includes crazy quilting blocks that are so beautiful.I've been inspired to try my hand at C.Q. now

Barbara. here is where I dream. I dream of a wonderful garden , Barbara's garden is superb, mine isn't . But looking through her photos is so encouraging, although I'll never reach her standard.

Gracious Hospitality is exactly as the title states. This blog is like visiting a friend. You know w…

ABC Wednesday

Well here we are with the last letter... 'Z'.A very reliable tractor on the farm.

Check out Mrs. Nesbitts blog for more 'Z' s.

Sewing Workshop.

After reading in the local press about this sewing workshop I decided to book a place for the September class. It is taking place in the Bowes Museum which is not far from my home. Elizabethan/Stuart technique of stumpwork is the skill I'm going to try. Although I have attempted a few different types of needlework in the past, stumpwork is new to me. It will be a great treat , really looking forward to it. There will be 15 in total in the class and I was number 14 to book so I was just in time.

The Sunday Salon

This week has been a good week for stitching, see my previous post. Unfortunately I can't read at the same time (lol!)so my new book's progress is slow. The book is 'The Secret Cardinal' by Tom Grace, I am just a few pages into this thriller. Hopefully by next week more reading will have taken place.

My stitching week.

This week there has been more sewing than reading.
The photo shows my work. This DMC card kit I have had in my stash for years, so I thought it was about time I got out the needle. I like the finished result although it's not perfect by a long way. The intructions stated long and short stitch for the petals. I don't know why but I haven't mastered that stitch, mine always look so messy. After numerous attempts, sewing and pulling out I gave in to my old favourite Satin stitch. Long and short stitches would have probably made it look neater but c'est la vie!

Sky Watch

A deserted but still beautiful spot are near my home in Co. Durham.
More pics

ABC Wednesday

This week we are up to 'Y'.
Yogurt, one of my favourites.

More 'Y's here.

Sunday Scribblings.

I'm a little late with Sunday Scribblings, however here we go. The prompts were, Chance and Encounter.

'The day was wet and dreary,
Not a smallest chance of sun,
He'd dressed up for the encounter
No rain would stop him now.
His pledge was simply to meet her
And speak his heartfelt words,
After which he'd leave her lonely
If that's what she preferred.'

There are more scribblings here.

Wimbledon Final.

What a fantastic match that was, starting at 2. 30 ending at 9.15. There had been stops for rain, but Nadal and Federer gave their all . They must have been exhausted after giving a match of such skillful tennis. Nadal won, but really imho both men deserved to win. Wonderful tennis.
Photo courtesy of U.S.A.Today.

The Sunday Salon.

Another week gone by. Today is raining and quite cold so I'm going to make some meringues to have with cream for tea. It's the Wimbledon finals today so we'll have a tv. tea and watch some good tennis. It should be strawberries and champagne but never mind!
On the reading front I have finished 'Rebecca' , you can read my review here.
So now the decision has to be made what to read next from my long list.
I've narrowed it down to two books, 'The Secret Cardinal', by Tom Grace or 'The Lady Chapel' by Candace Robb. I have read another of Candace Robb's books in 'The Apothecary Rose' which I thoroughly enjoyed. Anyhow later today I'll look at them both and decide. Hope you all have a good week.

Book Review.

I have just finished this book.The characters were well developed and the air of mystery pervaded the pages.By not naming the second wife who is the narrator of the story, adds to the mystery. This character is very timid and submissive but as the story develops she appears strong and protective.
The book breezed along beautifully for me, but the last few pages were a disappointment. Perhaps the ending was to signify the end of all their troubles or maybe the beginning, as the truth of the crime was not revealed.
As the story draws to a close, another book is discussed, 'Rebecca's Tale' by Sally Beauman. This book follows on from 'Rebecca' twenty years after the original was set.I liked the few pages regarding this book and will read it one day, it's added to my TBR list.

Sky Watch

This photo was taken last night following a very heavy shower. The deer shelter in a nearby wood when it is raining and venture out when it clears. I caught them as they were emerging.
Raby Castle is a great place to visit with beautiful grounds . If ever you are in Co. Durham do take a look.
Click on photo to enlarge. Sorry the enlargement is a bit hazy.

There are some great photos


Hope all my American viewers enjoy 4th. July.

Booking through Thursday

Over on Booking through Thursday we are asked to consider holiday reading (topical for the 4th July!) I don't usually read any different genres for holiday time. I'm reading 'Rebecca' at the moment and loving it. The Lawrence Olivier/Joan Fontaine adaption was screened a couple of weeks ago, I never tire from watching it. However, this is my first stab at the book and I don't think it will be my last.
Although I don't read any special books for holidays, for travelling I may pick up the odd magazine, usually Classic Stitches or a 'Home' magazine.

Wishing you all Happy weekend.

A finished piece

This is my finished cross stitch. I'm pleased with the result, it's a while since I picked up the needle.Once framed I'm going to hang it in the kitchen as the colours in there are blue and yellow. Now it's time to pick another piece!


I've been tagged by Charli and me.
These are the 5 questions,
1.What were you doing 5 years ago ?
Well I was still working on the farm, but also my youngest daughter was still at school so the school run on the timetable. Life was very hectic with out of school activities, piano lessons and driving lessons for her.

2. What 5 things on your to-do list today?
Actually it's evening here so most are done. So here are the things I've done today. Firstly bring sheep nearer the farm house and prepare them for market.Paid bills and did a big shop. Washed floors.Made lunch. It's my husband's birthday tomorrow so I'm in the middle of making a trifle ,already made a cheesecake.

3. What 5 snacks do you enjoy?
CHOCOLATE(it's a snack in my book, maybe not a healthy one but a snack lol!)
Salted peanuts.
That's an appalling list lol!

4.What 5 thinks would you do if you were a billionaire?
Give lots of money to my church for new floor and any other repairs.

ABC Wednesday

Here we are at the letter X.
This is my faithful old car, a Citroen Xantia.


That beautiful season the Summer!
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light;
and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It is a beautiful day today, warm sun and a gentle breeze. Hope this is the start of a good month for you all.Poem courtesy ofThe Garden Digest.