The Sunday Salon ---- Great books and a little stitching.

Hello Saloners hope the last week has been kind to you.

If a book can transport a reader to far flung places, then I have had a great week; medieval England and Florence to be exact. My first port of call was Florence,I was invited to
a party in San Niccolo. As well as a party I indulged myself in the architecture and atmosphere of Florence as Christobel Kent described the wonders and at times the 'seedy' side of this wonderful city. It was a brilliant read .

After saying 'Arriverderci'(with some sadness I might add)I drifted back through time to the 1400's in England. 'The Reluctant Queen' by Jean Plaidy is a novel set in the time of Richard III. The Wars of the Roses(the house of York v. the house of Lancaster) divided England and into this troublesome time was born Anne Neville. She was the daughter of the Earl of Warwick, or the Kingmaker as he was known. Her childhood was spent not too far from where I live, Middleham Castle in North Yorkshire . Once a teenager her family plotted with both the houses of York and Lancaster and this young girl was a engulfed in their plans. An excellent book, one I finished at 2.30am today!!!
Will post a full review in time. This last book was read as part of
Jean Plaidy reading challenge, if you are keen on historical fiction this is a very informative and friendly site, do take a look!
As well as these books I have also begun a little crossstitch , but as it is still in the early stages so I'll leave the details till a later date.
Hope you all have a good week.


I do read historical fiction but not much..

Happy reading!

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JoAnn said…
Sounds like you've had a very full week of travels! It's been a couple years since I've had my cross stitch out, but I have been thinking about it lately...
Lisa said…
I do read historical fiction, but I've never ventured to that particular era. I've heard The Reluctant Queen was a very good book.
Margot said…
Your travels sound so nice. And then a little cross stitch is good for meditating on what you've read. Sounds like life is good for you right now.
BooksPlease said…
I'm a cross stitcher too - except I haven't done any for ages!

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