A Party in San Niccolo.

'A Party in San Niccolo' by Christobel Kent.

At four-thirty in the morning Gina Donovan woke with a start. She was anxious, for this was the day when she started her holiday; not a family holiday with husband and children but a holiday with friends in Florence.
This is only one week in Florence but a week she won't forget. Staying in this beautiful city with ex-college friends , what could be more wonderful?

'The train had left the plains around Pisa and was moving through the Appenines to the west of Florence, steep, wooded hills, villages, the Arno winding through them, crossing the path of the train and then back, choked with reeds here and there and gradually widening as they approached Florence.'
Such a picturesque sight this could only be a memorable holiday. A holiday which combines elegant parties and a couple of murders!!
For this city , like many others, conceals in it's alleyways and it's open plains criminals, pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers and murderers...

'Each one of the colossal buildings had a great arched entrance,some with huge wooden doors that stood closed, but some pen to the street, each offering a dark vaulted space as a hiding place.'
'Then she heard something , the barely perceptible click and shuffle of feet behind her, and she turned...'

I have read this book as part of the
Summer Vacation Reading Challenge.

Italy is a country I have always wanted to visit, the scenery, architecture and atmosphere intrigue me. This book transported me there. It was a fantastic read; the characters, the plot and the scenic descriptions were remakable. I loved the read, I hope to track down more novels by the same author.Very highly recommended.


BooksPlease said…
I've been to Florence once when we were staying nearby. Fortunately I didn't come across any "criminals, pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers and murderers" - well, not that I noticed anyway!

I'll look out for this book - hope the library has a copy.
tea said…
Sounds like a good one.
Mary said…
I hope to visit Italy (especially Florence) someday. I'm glad you enjoyed the book. I'll look for it!
Always smiling said…

You stopped by my blog but didn't leave a comment but I am delighted to stop by yours to see you too love reading. I looked at the Summer Challenge but as I already belong to two Reading Groups I daren't, what with cross stitching and reading will I ever get anything else done? LOL Having just re-read 'The Memory's Keepers Daughter,' which I loved, this month one group has chosen 'Lighthousekeeping' by Jeanette Winterson,, groan!! I peeped at the first few pages and I hate the way it is written but I shall perservere, so that answers a question you muted, as to what you do with a book that isn't 'you'!
I read all the time, in bed usually in fact when I have a good book I go to bed early to read.. My hubby watches TV in an evening so I sit and stitch with him..
That book set in Italy sounds good I have visited Ialy several times and so I am sure I'd enjoy it..
Happy Reading!

Anonymous said…
We visited Italy - and Florence - last year and loved it. Now I love to revisit when I can. This is going on my list.
Jenny Girl said…
Florence is on my list of cities in Italy to visit. In a few years we'll be taking a trip there.

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