Friday, 6 March 2009

'Return to Rosemount'

' Return to Rosemount' by Patricia Fawcett.

This novel follows the trials and tribulations of two adult daughters and their mother. One daughter Julia is married and although her marriage is not exceptionally happy she leads a comfortable life with her husband and teenage daughter. Comfortable that is until her daughter's teenage tantrums turn into something more significant and the family have to seek refuge, miles away with Julia's mother at Rosemount. Clemmie, her mother is a force to be reckoned with and established a private school years previously with her recently deceased husband.This is Clemmie's 'baby' and as such she keeps a tight rein on the school's purse strings, or so she thinks.
The younger daughter Nina runs her own interior design business but is much different from her sister; a free spirit ,she appears to not have a care in the world but deep down she longs for stabilty and her own family.
As all the family converge and live in a small area, secrets are shared and as time passes Julia believes that her life is changing dramaticallyand her troubles are multiplying.

This is the second
Patricia Fawcett book I have read and once again she writes a good story. A novel which explores the trust and perserverance needed in raising a family and the support and love needed by extended family members. An excellent book.

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This sounds good. Thanks for the recommendation.