Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Book review.

Well I have actually read and finished a book last week. It seems ages since I posted about reading.
This is a library book, I noticed it as I knew the author lives in a nearby town. I haven't seen her in town for a while but if I bumped into her again I would congratulate her on a first class story.
It is centred around the friendship of three girls. We follow their lives as they leave school and start and make their way in the world. The dreams and aspirations they have as teenagers don't always turn out they way they would like. Instead of becoming a doctor Anna becomes a nun. Rosie continues in her carefree way and Olivia's path is not too smooth. Throughout the story their parents give structured , moral advice , some is heeded some not.
I was pleasantly surprised with this book, if I hadn't been aware of the author I would have passed it by.

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