Book Review.

Last night saw the finish of 'The Heart of the Lion', by Jean Plaidy. This book followed on from 'The Revolt of the Eaglets'.
It concentrates on the Holy Land crusades made by King Richard the Lionheart. I didn't have much knowledge of his reign other than the fact that I knew he undertook crusades. His father and mother were Henry 11 and Eleanor of Aquitaine. These forceful characters could be seen in his dealings in the crusade. This type of life became everything to him. Consequently his marriage(to the King of Navarre's daughter,Berengaria) suffered . His friendships with various kings and courtiers also added to his marital neglect and also to trouble with his throne.Leading to his youngest brother John taking over the reins of the country, with disastrous effects.
I intend to continue the Plantagenets story, with the next book in the series, 'The Prince of Darkness', which I believe follows John's reign.


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