Book Review, 'Revolt of the Eaglets'.

This novel is written by Jean Plaidy.
Now if you can imagine 'Dallas' in the 1100's, this is it. Sons hate father, father hates sons . Mother seems to hate all except one son. There was everything in this book, murder, wars and crusades. The story takes through the life of Henry Plantagenet, his marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine and his relationship with his eight children. As each son matures they each vie for their own place with their father. Through deceit and intrigue each son is put down but in doing so Henry's life is changed for ever.
I highly recommend this novel. It is the 2nd. book in the Plantagenets' group. I'm on the look out for the rest now.

BTW if anyone is as old as me(anyone?lol!)you may remember 'Richard the Lionheart' BBC t.v. series for children in 1950's. This book really brings those characters to life, although obviously the plots were tamed somewhat for children.
I've read this book as part of my
Spring Reading Challenge


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