The Pelican Brief

The Pelican Brief by John Grisham.

'He seemed incapable of creating such chaos, but much of what he saw below could be blamed on him. And that was fine. He was ninety-one, paralyzed,strapped in a wheelchair and hooked on oxygen'.

These are the first lines of this action packed thriller. The 'He' in question is a legendary high court judge and the first of the assassins victims.
As the story unfolds the killer's appetite for murder continues , all judges or law lecturers.
The U.S. President is drawn into the plots and his contact with unscrupulous business men is made apparent.

However, when an innocent law student who has written her own account of the business dealings involved is made known to the killer ,she is literally running from state to state for her life.

This was my first John Grisham novel and it won't be my last. A fantastic novel , very well written , the author has not resorted to sex and swearing , which is an added bonus for me.
Highly recommended.


I had a time when I read as many John Grisham's as I could find - until they all started to merge into one, but I did enjoy them immensely!

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