Three hands in the fountain.

Three Hands in the Fountain by Lindsey Davis.
A Marcus Didius Falco Novel.

Rome, August - October, AD 73.
In ancient Rome , water fountains were numerous and as such there was often blockages around the pipe work. These pipes led to and from the aqueducts and the sewers. Lowly workers were employed to maintain these waterways. The water pipes were laid for the convenience of the public , both in the communal baths and in private homes.
The time between the hot months of August and October the fountains were used constantly . The heat of the sun and the excitment of 'games' in the arena made for thirsty citizens. Many people having travelled far and wide to be spectators.
As one fountain is reduced to a trickle workmen investigate the cause , only to find a human hand blocking the outlet. Marcus Didius Falco and his assistant, Petronius are summoned to solve this barbaric mystery.
When another hand is found in a fountain across the city the public panic and officials commission other investigators.
Now Marcus is a pretty 'laid back ' guy but when the city is bustling with travellers enjoying the last of the summer he springs into action to try and find this sadistic killer . Can he find the culprit before another hand is discovered?

This was my first 'Marcus' novel and I thoroughly enjoyed it, the sights and smells of ancient Rome were very evident and made for an interesting read.


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