A Morbid Taste for Bones.

'A Morbid Taste for Bones.'by Ellis Peters.

The first chronicle of Brother Cadfael.
This being the first novel in the brother Cadfael series the first part of the book introduces the reader to this kindly man.
A Benedictine monk, as he is now who's main occupation is tending the herb garden in the grounds of the monastery in Shrewsbury.
Cadfael's early life was as a crusader in the Holy Land, a life that encompassed many friendships including romantic attachments.

Due to these life experiences his 'take' on the Benedictine life and society in general was quite worldly and as such he was a very astute man.
In this novel the monks of Shrewsbury become obsessed with the bones of Saint Winifred and are keen to travel to a remote Welsh village to bring the relics back to Shrewsbury.
Brother Cadfael , being fluent in Welsh is the Prior's first choice to lead the monks .
On arrival in Wales the monks are confronted by one of their congregation succumbing to fits of ecstacy and young lovers who seem doomed to the single lives. Once a murder takes place Cadfael is keen to implore Saint Winifred for help, and this is obtained in a most remarkable way.

This was not a large book, 190 pages, but it did pack a good story . Highly recommended.


Susan said…
I haven't read this yet. I remember when the Caedfael mysteries were so big and our bookstore had so many, but I was going to university so didn't have time to read for fun much then. It's good to see you reading and reviewing this one, it reminds me this series is here and waiting for me to get to it! Since I enjoy Candace Robb's series so much, I think I will enjoy Caedfael too. Thanks, Zetor!

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