The Book of Tomorrow.

'The Book of Tomorrow' by Cecelia Ahern.

Set in Ireland this book tells the story of a rebellious teenager. Tamara Goodwin is a rich kid. The type of child you really don't want to meet. She has been thoroughly spoilt by her parents, nothing is too big for Tamara and no amount of money is too large.
When her father dies suddenly her world is turned upside down. She and her mother must go and live with her mother's relatives in the country. So far away from her spoilt and obnoxious friends Tamara must start a new life . A life where the most excitement is the food for the next meal.
But suddenly there is a handsome boy on the scene , the librarian in the mobile library. His books are pretty old fashioned and not really to her liking till she comes across a very unusual issue . This book will change many aspects of her life and it may even change Tamara...

Well I had read a review of this book in blogland and was instantly drawn to it , I thought it might turn out to be 'ugly duckling to beautiful swan book'. It was so much more , a fairytale for adults but there was not just romance , there was a great mystery to solve with the help of her library book, and in doing so Tamara's world is changed forever. I really enjoyed this,much more than I anticipated.


Danielle said…
I have been curious about Cecelia Ahern's books. This one sounds like a promising place to start :-)

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