The Winter Garden Mystery.

The Winter Garden Mystery by Carola Dunn.

Set in Cheshire, England in the 1920's. A large country house occupied by a very respectable family are about to receive a visit by one of their offspring's school chums. No ordinary visitor , Daisy Dalrymple is a feisty flapper. A woman who is proud of her independance and always keen to help solve mysteries.
The family she visits are not all pleased to see her as the Mater of the house accuses Daisy of leading her daughter astray.
However,soon after her arrival the gardener discovers a body in the flower bed. This is identified as a missing maid. Consequently Daisy is flung into the limelight with her beau Alec Fletcher, a Scotland Yard officer much to annoyance of the Mater.
In probing the murder family secrets are disclosed and the life of this high born family will never be the same again.

A fairly good read, although a little slow in places.


Margaret said…
I don't know this author. The book sounds promising.

I like your new look for the blog.

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