Sister of the Angels.

Sister of the Angels by Elizabeth Goudge.

This novel focuses on Henrietta an 11 year old whose Mother died many years ago. She lives with Canon and Mrs Fordyce in Cathedral Close , Torminster. Her father Gabriel Ferranti is a poet and general 'arty' man who lives and works away.
Henrietta shares her home with an orphan boy called Hugh Anthony , another child the Canon and his wife have adopted.

It is near to Christmas and Henrietta's excitement knows no bounds --- her Father is coming to stay for Christmas. There is the cathedral to decorate and the old crypt has lost none of it's fascination. Here Henrietta finds a stranger deep in thought as he admires the partly finished mural in this dark and somewhat frightening place. Always been keen on Art herself she takes a particular interest in the scene.

Well, firstly I did not realise this was a children's story. I ordered the book from the library after reading a review on a blog 'somewhere'.
For children or not this was a lovely read. Written in 1939(the library ticket dates back to May 1954!) it shows how childhood has changed over the years. Children have lost so much innocence. Such a pity!

Highly recommended and one book I am going to try and buy for my grandaughter, even if she is only 16 months , it can be kept for a later date.
I intend to read more from this author.


hopeinbrazil said…
I think you'll love Goudge's grown-up books too. She's so hard to find here in the U.S. It took me a whole year to find all three books in her trilogy on the Eliot Family. Worth the effort!

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