Tuesday, 11 January 2011

'The Killer of Pilgrims'.

'The Killer of Pilgrims' by Susannah Gregory.

A medieval murder set in the Winter of 1358. The place is Cambridge, England. Here the town is suffering under freezing temperatures and it is here that Matthew Bartholomew a doctor is drawn into the lives of both his patients and the colleges.
As pilgrims flock to the nearby shrine of Saint Simon Stock , many are keen to see and own relics of their beloved saint. In amidst this calm and serene atmosphere the body of one of the town's richest landlord is found in most unusual circumstances.Matthew is called to examine the body but his inquiry is hampered by the rising tension in the colleges.

This is the sixteenth chronicle of Matthew Bartholomew. A great read. Thoroughly recommended.

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Susan said...

I have the next one in the other series - Thomas Chaloner, #3 - to read, and I have the first one in this series to read, both sitting on my TBR shelf upstairs. Your review reminds me how much I enjoyed her writing - time to get at these again. Aren't they realistic mysteries, with the setting - medieval and Tudor London - brilliantly captured?