Sacred Treason

Sacred Treason by James Forrester.

In 1563 the English people are unhappy, even worried. Queen Elizabeth is on the throne and people with religious faith are concerned not only for their own lives but for their families and friends.
When the herald William Harley receives a visitor one dark night he is concerned . The visitor is fellow Catholic Henry Machyn and Henry is not their to pay his respects. Believing that the Queens men will persue him he begs William to look after a manuscript. This contains information that doubts the Queen's claim to the throne.

As the novel progresses William is caught up in the contents of the manuscript and needs to discuss it's relevance with the people involved . All of these being Catholic his dangerous task is throught with danger for not only is he trying to discover the meaning of the document he must guard Henry's wife and his own family from the 'State'.Can they all survive without betraying their faith...

This is the first novel by James Forrester (I understand there is another book due out next year), it was a fantastic read. You are transported to Elizabethan England in a vivid and horrifying way. Who would you betray your God, your country, your kin?...
If you are a fan of
C.J.Sansom you will love James Forrester's book.

Highly recommended.


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