Rumpole and the Reign of Terror.

Rumpole and the Reign of Terror by John Mortimer.

Rumpole's latest case involves his 'old' clients/defendants the Timpsons. Here is a family who appear to enjoy their time in the 'dock', at least that is Rumpole's opinion. The number of times he has represented them is numerous and consequently they are quite'dear' to him as they have 'paid' his bills for a number of years.
Quite a 'mottley' crew normally so when a glamorous Timpson , who has escaped the usual squalor of the family's life requests Rumpole's help ,he is intrigued to say the least.
Terrorists and criminals are on the same wave length in Rumpole's book . A terrorist is what concerns the glamorous Timpson.
Not only is this case intriguing but why is 'She who must be obeyed'/his wife Hilda hiding in the box room of their flat for hours on end?

A quick , light read. I have seen most of the series on T.V. and the characters come to life in the books. However for those not familiar with the programmes the book would still be hugely enjoyable. It is hilarious in places, I was laughing out loud over many a page!!!!


Marie said…
these books look so great to me. i have to track one down!

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