The Redemption of Sarah Cain

' The Redemption of Sarah Cain' by Beverly Lewis.

Sarah Cain is a successful , career woman. Working for an estate agent she is keen to close every deal and therefore further her career.
Her sister is somewhat different --- giving up the modern way of life , Ivy and her husband have joined an Amish community and along with their five children enjoy a simple life away from the trappings of the modern society.
But their happiness is shattered when firstly Ivy's husband dies and then Ivy herself. What will become of her children. Knowing of her fatal illness she has emphatically requested that Sarah(her only living relative) cares for the family.
This is certainly going to disrupt any career path Sarah planned , how can she persuade other Amish members that she is not the right person to 'foster mother' children.

A current t.v. programme about the Amish way of life sparked my interest in this book. It was a very easy read and had a good if fairly predictable storyline. I would recommend it for a light story perhaps as a holiday read.


Mary M said…
This sounds really good! Shame my local library don't stock it.

I suspect it may have to go on the Amazon wishlist instead! :-)

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