Compendium of Quilting Techniques.

Compendium of Quilting Techniques by Susan Briscoe.

I received this book as a free gift from a quilting magazine subscription I have started. There was a choice of free gift --- this book or some material. This was definitely the right choice for me. A very easy book to get into , the author begins with the basics --- choosing equipment and what is actually necessary. She then moves onto fabric , including a colour wheel and gradually works through the process of working with patterns, cutting tools and techniques.

Every chapter helps with the quilting process in one way or another from applique to binding, it is all included. To conclude the book shows and exhibitions are covered and at the very end the care and storage of your treaured quilt.

Having received this book a few days ago I have read it all through and have returned to 'dip 'into sections that I'm not too sure about.
As a fairly beginner in quilting(only 2 completed up to now) I know this book will prove indispensible in years to come. Highly recommended.


Carmen Lee said…
Oh wao! That's really interesting to read about your free gift of quilting magazine. I'm really excited to have the same. Thank you for sharing this amazing info here.

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