Musings Monday.

Here is this week's topic ----

Who in your family (both immediate & extended) are readers, and who are not?

In my immediate family , ie, husband and three daughters all are readers but at different degrees.
My husband reads nonfiction, he has read many books on WW11, his favourite genre. I often try and persuade him to delve into fiction but it is all to no avail.
All my daughters are good readers, although Martha's Mum doesn't have much time now . My oldest daughter seems to prefer fiction but my youngest girl is the greatest reader reading great tomes . She has cultivated this habit since childhood , when she read with a torch under the bedclothes. Did I tell you she now wears glasses, lol!
Extended family is on my husband's side only and here one sister and brother in law read but the rest have young families and time is of the essence so reading is not a priority.

More book 'talk' can be found here.


Miss 376 said…
We all read, though my youngest tends to read for information than pleasure(not that he doesn't enjoy it) The eldest has always read for pleasure. Long may it continue

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