Weekend Viewing.

My husband and I have just finished watching our latest DVDs. Monsignor Renard was a short series on t.v. a few years ago. Only four programmes were made and we were disappointed when it finished.
It stars John Thaw, who I think was a fantastic actor, I'm a great fan with the whole set of 'Morse' dvds on my dresser.
Set during World War 2, he plays a Catholic priest returning to his hometown at the same time that the Germans are occupying France.
Trying to build a relationship with his estranged brother and trying to provide solace for the towns people are his biggest tasks. Dominic Monaghon (who later starred in 'Lost') took the part of a very 'cocky' teenager who strayed once too often over the Germans boundaries, once arrested he relies on Monsignor Renard to save him ...

Excellent viewing.


Barbara said…
Can't remember this one - think I must have missed it.
Hi, just found your comment on my blog and thank you for stopping by. This movie sounds like it is so good! Blessings,Kathleen
Pat said…
I remember seeing these when they were shown on TV and agree they were excellent. I don't think they have ever been repeated but then they never seem to repeat the good programmes .........

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