Baptism and Confirmation all in one week...

I'm back after a busy few days. Firstly as you know my daughter, husband and grandaughter arrived late Friday evening . The baby was in fine form even after a 5 hour journey. Saturday was spent preparing for her Baptism --- collecting the christening cake amd organising the refreshments. The Baptism day itself went very well. She was baptised by our parish priest, who also happened to be celebrating his 75 th birthday on that day.Her godparents were my oldest daughter and youngest daughter's boyfriend. After the ceremony family and friends arrived at our house for a few nibbles.

Last night saw another celebration --- a confirmation ceremony. I was priviledged to be a sponser to a young lady in our parish . This again was a joyful occasion and one I was very pleased to be part of, God Bless M.


Anonymous said…
What wonderful celebrations you've had. You are truly blessed :>) Your granddaughter is just beautiful ♥ I love that you posted pictures. Yummy, does that cake look good and it's so pretty too. Congratulations to all of you!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on a beautiful family :)

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