The Rose Labyrinth.

The Rose Labyrinth by Titania Hardie.

A novel set in 2003 but one which also follows events of 1600's.
Two brothers Will and Alex Stafford inherit a strange legacy from their mother. An ancient script and a key to be exact and they plan to solve the mystery that these items contain.
Will's life is cut short by suspicious means and his brother Alex, a doctor, intends to find the reason for his brother's untimely death and in doing so he is drawn into a web of intrigue for not only can he trace his brother's last steps he solves the mystery of the inheritance. However, none of this happens till he has travelled across Europe with Lucy, a heart transplant patient whom he cares for and they have both tasted danger head on as riddles and puzzles block their paths.
Narrated alongside this story is the extract from 1600; here the Elizabethan spy and astrologer John Dee is keen to hide his latest findings in a way that will not be found by his contemperaries. His wooden box, containing his writings is locked and hidden ---- will it remain safe?

A fair book, but I must admit a lot of the riddles were completely over my head. They are also written in the back of the book and when I have a few days to spare I may try them again. Part of the story was based on Lucy's recovery after surgery and this I found interesting, probably because I worked as a nurse for a few years. Not a book I would be keen to read through again , although I do wonder if I might grasp more on a second read.


BooksPlease said…
I'm sorry that you weren't that keen on this book. I've had it for a while now and was hoping it would be good - it certainly promises well as I like a mix of history and puzzles.
Pat said…
I enjoyed this one but but not as much as I thought I would. I put it down to the style as the story was interesting but not one for keeping and re-reading.

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