My Grandaughter's bonnet.

My sewing class recommenced on Monday night so I took along a little project I'd been working on and off over Easter. It is a bonnet for my grandaughter's baptism which is taking place in a couple of weeks.
I used a McCalls pattern , no 4478 as seen in the photo, and copied the design at the top right of the picture. I say copy , as it was loosely copied--- I made a few alterations.
I wanted a 'smocked' look and as I am not very neat in that area I let my machine do the work. The main body or crown I cut 3 times the recommended length and gathered it firstly on the machine about 3 inches from where I wanted the brim to be placed . Then the machine did some rather loosely called 'smocking' stitches. After that I added a row of beads all around and then stitched some randomly around the crown . The brim is doubled to accentuate the fullness and I finished by adding beads to the ribbon ties.
I am thrilled with it and I'm sure she will look lovely. Photos will follow of the 'big' day nearer the time.


Molly said…
Oh my!

I don't sew a button on a shirt, so I'm not sure I fully appreciate all the work that has gone into this project, but this bonnet is absolutely gorgeous!!

You will have to post a picture of your granddaughter modeling it :)
Anonymous said…
This bonnet is just beautiful! What a wonderful gift. I'm sure it will be treasured for years to come ♥
Miss 376 said…
It is beautiful, definitely one to treasure
Pat said…
I'm sure this will become a family heirloom, it's beautiful. Thanks for your title suggestion - that's one less headache!!
Barbara said…
It is BEAUTIFUL! Have not come across any of the books you feature in your last few posts yet I have a house full of books!

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