The Eternal City

The Eternal City
by Domenica de Rosa.

A novel of three sisters-- Anna, Maria and Gaby. All married women , all very different characters. Anna the oldest is very responsible and pious. Maria is very beautiful and Gaby , the youngest is a bit of a tomboy. The story is narrated by Gaby. It begins as she gives birth to her first child, Kitty. A happy day, you may think but her happiness is overshadowed by the death of her dear father. His wish is that his ashes be interred in Rome, the city of his childhood . So the three daughters travel to Rome along with husbands, children and their mother to grant their beloved father his final wish.
The sisters grew up in and around Rome and this journey brings back memories of their childhood and teenage years. Extended family members are revisited and 'old' boyfriends return to the scene. Gaby, in particular is confused on meeting an 'old flame' and the certainty of her marriage seems to be shaken from an unexpected source.

I bought this book as a 'light' read and it lived up to my expectations, nothing complex or mysterious here. I enjoyed it to a certain extent, descriptions of the 'eternal city' were enticing however I felt the story was a little too predictable for me.


Anonymous said…
I'm a sucker for books set in Italy. Thanks for recommendation.

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