Mary, Queen of France.

Mary, Queen of France by Jean Plaidy.

This novel follows the life of Henry VIII's younger sister. Mary and Henry adored each other and as such the little sister was granted anything she desired, or so she thought. However when Charles Brandon, one of Henry's friends was invited to court Mary's desire was not fulfilled. As a royal princess she was expected to marry into royalty and help the politics of her country. So Henry's wish was for his sister to marry the French King Louis. The King of France was many years older than Mary, and she rebelled at the thought of this alliance, but in this decision Henry stood firm. The story unfolds as Mary is sent to marry her French King and leave behind her one true love Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.
The book portrays a strong, rebellious and somewhat spoilt girl but as she matures her character appears calmer although always determined her dream would come true...

'Henry laughed suddenly. He pointed at Mary.''That girl's a Tudor. She knows what she wants, and she makes certain she gets it.'' '

As Mary's life unfolds she is happy away from court with her family, but Henry was always waiting in the wings to summon her to his side. At such times her family were forced to appear secondary to her brother's wishes.

'To love was the greatest adventure life had to offer; but to love was to suffer.'

Another great novel by Miss Plaidy. Read as part of the Jean Plaidy Reading Challenge.


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