Another week over.

The weeks are flying at the moment, I suppose time flies when you are busy. Lambing is going strong and although I don't work outdoors all the time , there are plenty of meals and household chores to keep me busy.
I've also finished my latest sewing project(finished last night actually) I can tell you it is a double bed quilt. That's all I can say as the recipient (my youngest daughter) must see it here before I post about it.
My next project will be a bonnet for my favourite girl, yes that's right the one in the photo. She is now 6 months old and is such a delight. They are all visiting at Easter , so the next couple of weeks will be preparation time. Busy, busy, busy!


Miss 376 said…
Hasn't time flown, hardly seems five minutes since she was born. Looking forward to seeing the quilt you've been working on
Barbara said…
How quickly they grow. You must be busy with lambing season apart from anything else.

Sorry to read of your friends death.

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