The Sittaford Mystery.

The Sittaford Mystery by Agatha Christie.

A small country village is isolated by a tremendous snowstorm, therefore the residents must find ways of entertaining themselves. The two ladies who live in Sittaford house invite their neighbours to a social evening where a seance is begun.
As the table rocks to and fro and spells out names of neighbours not in attendance the group begin to panic . Continuing in this atmoshere the name of one gentleman is spelled out and then the word MURDER.
Running scared the party is concluded but when the said named gentleman is found dead at exactly the time of the seance people really do panic . To add to the excitement an escaped convict is on the prowl soon after...

A great 'Agatha' book, it kept me guessing right to the end. Highly recommended.


BooksPlease said…
Sounds good. A tremendous snowstorm is very apt right now!
Barbara said…
Congratulations on winning. Have only watched films of Agatha Christie and not read her books. Must rectify that sometime.
This is one of the AC's I haven't read yet. Now I'm anxious to read it. You built this to a great suspense.
Jenny Girl said…
Snowed in and a mystery...get the popcorn! Sounds excellent.

Happy New Year :)
Anonymous said…
Oh my word Mog...have you read another book already?! You are impressive. :-)

if you were at all stuck for something to post...I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love see the farm in the snow...I hear it looks like a winter wonderland! ;-)

Molly xxx

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