Last night we attended a performance of the Russian State Ballet of Siberia at our local theatre.
This touring company were performing 'The Nutcracker', 'Swan Lake' , 'Sleeping Beauty'over the next few weeks, and last night 'Giselle'. A love story ; following a peasant girl's love for a nobleman. Giselle is loved by the villagers with whom she lives. Her mother is a superstitious woman and frowns on Giselle's love for the pretend villager Loys, a high born Count whom Giselle loves.
The dancing and costumes all added to a highly emotional ballet. Lovely.


Miss 376 said…
Sounds lovely. Remember my mum taking us to see Swan Lake, never forgot it
Vintage Reading said…
I love Giselle. I've seen 2 performances at the Royal Ballet but I'd like to see a Russian ballet interpretation.

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