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Well, just in case Rebecca is still on hiatus (which I think she is, as I seem to remember her saying she’d be gone ’til after the holidays were over), I’ve decided to come up with my own question… So, this week’s Musing Mondays asks…
When you buy books, do they immediately go onto your bookshelf to wait until you’re ready to read them (even if that means months/years from then!), or do you read them right away? What makes you do this? If you’re a ’shelver’, why do you think you don’t read the books right away? Do you ever feel guilty for letting the books sit there, unread? If you’re a ‘read-em-now’ person, why do you feel they have to be read right away? Do you give away the books when you’re done, too?

My answer:
I'm ashamed to say I'm a 'shelver'. Just looking around this room I can see at least seven books bought this year and unread.That is only in this room, if I checked the bookcases upstairs goodness knows what I would find!
I am not on a guilt trip though as I do get around to reading most of them.

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Lisa said…
you are so lucky to have just seven lol

Here's mine
Susan said…
I have so many!!! lol I have a double shelf where new books go -however, I am not being totally honest here. I usually buy books to read sometime in the future: sometimes I want to read them now, so they go on the shelf, and sometimes it's just to own and will read later, and they go onto the main bookshelves. Of those on the TBR shelf, some books are to read right away, some are months later. That doesn't really help you, does it? I think i've answered every question you asked and I can't give a definite answer except I buy lots of books and they usually get read within about 5 years time!!! lol

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