Sam's Letters to Jennifer.

'Sam's Letters to Jennifer' by James Patterson.

A novel by best selling author James Patterson.
This book intertwines the lives of two people, a grandmother and her grandaughter.
Jennifer, the grandaughter is a journalist and is called to visit her grandmother who is very ill. Leaving her hectic life Jennifer bundles her cats in the car and travels to Lake Geneva to Sam's hospital bed. On the journey she reflects on her own life and the tragedy that has befallen her of late.
On reaching the hospital her vibrant grandma was much changed,

'She had always been so strong, almost never sick, always the one who took care of everybody else --- especially me. ...
'Sam had always reminded me of Katherine Hepburn, and we's seen all her movies together...'

When the initial shock of Sam's health has registered Jennifer finds herself staying in Sam's house and there she finds many letters waiting for her to read . letters that will both shatter some of her illusions but also strenghen her resolve to build up her own life after what seems like an unsurmountable sorrow.

This is the first 'James Patterson' book I have read, I enjoyed it in part but felt it was slow in places and it did not have the 'wow' facter that I expected. One sentence that did make me smile was the mention of Katherine Hepburn as my own dear grandma always admired the actress .


BooksPlease said…
I haven't read, or heard of James Patterson's books and as I was reading your post I thought this book sounded fascinating, until I read you felt it was slow in parts and doesn't have the 'wow' factor - somehow I thought it would.
Anonymous said…
Are you watching Emma?? I am loving it!!
Anonymous said…
I think I have this book aroound here somewhere. Usually Patterson's books are a quick read.

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