On the farm in July.

July on the farm means hay or silage baling. The above photos show hay being baled. We need good sunny weather for hay as the grass needs to be thoroughly wilted. Silage is made when the grass is not so dry and therefore brilliant sunshine is not necessary although it can't be baled in wet conditions.
The photos were taken last year and apologies if you have already seen them.
As June's main task was shearing we still have the
Swaledales to shear. They are a hardy breed and are not usually ready to be sheared till the end of June or beginning of July.
As the weather is so good at the moment(and long may it last) we will finish the shearing and then start baling.
Hope you all have a good month with plenty of sunshine, especially for the Wimbledon finals.


Miss 376 said…
the weather is certainly being kind to you at the moment. Been great for wimbledon too
Anonymous said…
I'm glad the weather has been helpful. It can't seem to stop raining here!
JoAnn said…
It sounds like a busy month - glad the weather is cooperating!
Jenny Girl said…
What beautiful weather and pics! Happy shearing!

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