The Sunday Salon

Hello Saloners, I hope your weekend is going well. It is a beautiful day here in the U.K.could this be the beginning of a long, hot summer? Yes!!!!she says enthusiastically.
This last week has seen me turn to a new form of reading(I did try this a couple of months ago, with little success). I have been listening to an audio book. One of my birthday presents was a portable audio player and headphones(not the small earpieces I tried before) , plus an audio book. The book is Jeffrey Archer's
Paths of Glory. I had read good reviews about it, so thought I'd give it a try.
This followed 'Mrs. McGinty's Dead', an Agatha Christie which was new to me, but as all Agatha's do, it never failed to amaze me. Her mysteries unfold in the most intriguing ways, I love them.
Anyhow getting back to the audio, it is really working well and the book is living up to my expectations. It is a novel based on the story of George Mallory's Everest expedition. Watch this page for a review coming soon.
Hope you all have a great week.


JoAnn said…
I'm glad you're enjoying audiobooks! For me, it's a great way to fit more books into my schedule.
Margaret said…
It's been a beautiful day here - so hot! I was gardening yesterday in the shade but still managed to catch the sun on my shoulders.

I don't often listen to audiobooks now - I used to when I travelled to work in the car. I'm glad it's working well for you. I'm reading an Agatha Christie too - Peril at End House, it's very good.
Margot said…
I'm looking forward to your review of Jeffrey Archer's book. Glad your gifts are still giving you pleasure.

I want you to come to my blog today to see a picture I took just for you. It is a picture of some cattle.
Linda Jacobs said…
I'm not big on audio books and have only listened to a few when I was driving someplace fairly far away. But, they did make the trip go by nice and fast!

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