Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Sunday Salon

Another week gone by, we are nearly into May, can you believe it?

During the last few days I have read
The King's Confidante, an excellent Jean Plaidy book. I find all her books a brilliant read and am now tempted to choose another from my shelf.
Years ago I started collecting J.P.'s books; so I have narrowed it down to
The Sixth Wife or
Lord Robert. .
The latter being centred on the life of Robert Dudley , in the court of Elizabeth 1. My fascination of Tudor England has been rekindled lately due to the fact that much information is published to mark the 500th anniversary of Henry 8th's accession to the throne. I can't say I'm a fan of the man himself but tales of his court are compelling.
One book that I am eagerly waiting for is Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. Published this week, it's pages describe the life of Thomas Cromwell, in both his early years and life in Henry's court. I've read many reviews and am keen to see the postman in the next few days.

Well that's enough Tudor excitement for one day (although I must choose my next book) hope you all have a very good week.


BooksPlease said...

Well there's a coincidence - Hilary Mantel's book, I mean. I'm looking forward to reading Wolf Hall too.

There's just time for a bit of gardening - the weeds are growing too quickly now - before listening to Open Book.

Barbara said...

No I cannot believe it is nearly May. That's almost crazy.

Well 3 more of your reading pleasure that I have not read.

Well I have heard of a bull in a china shop but............ scarey.

Mary said...

Isn't it nice when you can count on enjoying books by a particular author? Enjoy your time with the Tudors :)

We've had rain for two straight days and expect more of the same tomorrow. I'd love to do some gardening but there'll be none of it for a while.

Jenny Girl said...

I just started Royal Blood which is set early in Henry's reign. I'll keep you posted.