Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Citizen v Citizen.

This is my latest read,
'The One More Thing' by Anne Perry.

Set in January 1793 in Paris. A turbulent time, the revolution is in full swing and the 'citizens' are waiting with baited breath for the death of the King, Louis XVI. The majority of the population believe that once the King is executed their country will improve. However there are some citizens that do not agree.
Celie, a laundress,and her employer believe that France needs the King and so a plan is created to save the King from 'Madame Guillotine'. With only days to the execution date there is no room for idleness.

' They were part of a harebrained conspiracy to rescue the King and prevent chaos from consuming all of France, everything that was left of hope and humanity and the dream of a new age of freedom.'

However when an ordinary citizen in Celie's home is murdered the plan to save the King is placed in jeopardy.

'The vessel of the revolution can arrive in port only on a sea reddened with torrents of blood!'

An excellent book, in transported me into the 'Revolution' with all the sounds, sights and smells associated with a city under siege. A siege which placed citizen against citizen.

'The republic owes the good its protections. To the bad it owes only death.'

Highly recommended.

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