Audio or Paper.

I have always enjoyed reading, but sometimes I would like to try and sew whilst I'm reading. So--------- as my daughter had a personal CD player I thought I'd give audio books a try. This is my first attempt at these books. Rather than buying and then finding I preferred the written word I decided to borrow from my library,
' And None Shall Sleep' by Priscilla Masters.
Yesterday on a shopping trip in the car, I tried it,without much success. I found the earpieces would not stay in my ears. Now other than using bluetac or sellotape(only joking!)these contraptions will not stay in my ears without a hand holding them. My daughter has decided that I have very small ears, lol!!!
Playing the discs on a non-personal player the story is very good . I will persevere a little longer, as 24 hours is not long. Perhaps the earpieces come in different sizes, will check out stores on line. Have any readers had this problem.


Whilst reading your blog...I realize I've not finished a book in a month. Just not taken the time. Thanks for getting me motivated again. Lovely stitching book marks by the way.
Beth F said…
I have small ears too. I use hook types made Jensen. The ones I use have a volume control in the wire. Anyway, they are the only ones that work for me.

Start with lighter books. It takes a couple of books to get hooked on audio. It's a new way of experiencing a book, so you need to "practice"!
zetor said…
Colleen, thank you for the comment. Your quilts look wonderful!
zetor said…
Thankyou Beth f. I will check out those ear pieces.
Anonymous said…
Ditto on everything Beth F. said. I'm not sure if this is the same thing, but I've heard Ear Buds work well. My daughter is just now listening to audio and she complained her ears hurt after using these kinds of sets. I switched her to small headphones.

Also with audio books, it took me a couple of months before I was able to listen completely to a book. I'm ADD and can be easily distracted. For the first few books, I kept having to rewind and play again. ;)

Well worth it though. I get a minimum of four extra books done a month thanks to audios.
zetor said…
Thank you J.Kaye, I think it may take me a while to get used to them too.

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