Over on Charlie and me I find that I have been tagged, thankyou Carol.

This is what is involved,
Choose the fourth folder where you store pictures on your computer.

Select the fourth picture in the folder.

Explain the picture.

Then tag for other blogger's to do the same.

The photo above is my choice. It was taken a couple of years ago in the Lake District. I was travelling on a ferry across Lake Windermere at the time. I love all my 'Lake' photos, today when it is cold and damp it is good to remember that Summer WILL come again.

Now a tagging is no good if I don't tag, so here are my choices.

Looking forward to seeing your photos Ladies.Lezlie


Lezlie said…
Hmmm. . . I'll have to do this when I get to work tomorrow. Most of my photos are there. The ones here at home are Peter's and are waaayyy to many of me singing. Those get really, really boring!

Anonymous said…
I like lake photos too and this is a beautiful one. Thank you for doing the tag.
Barbara said…
A photo one can get into and imagine. Love the Lakes.

I will do this tag when I have finished my French musings.

The last time I saw it, it was asking for the 6th photo in the 6th folder. I checked that one out and had it ready. Now I will have to look again.!!!!!!!!!!

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