Saturday, 30 August 2008

Christmas stitching.

'Christmas' I hear you say, 'it's too early'. Well for me, hoping to do some ornaments for Christmas, it's certainly not. I have quite a few projects and reading planned before Christmas so I needed an early start. This is my first ornament, I like the finished result although I did not follow the chart completely. Some of the backstitch was omitted(not keen on back stitch!)and some was replaced with seed beads. Unfortunately the details are not very clear on the photo. I think it will nice on the tree.
Hope you all have a good weekend.


Ginnie said...

Oh yours looks good. I have some red fabric to finish mine with, I think I will cut mine out in the star shape too. I was mad enough to do all the french knots - which did involve a few swearing moments!!!

Miss 376 said...

The ornament looks good, but I must say, I really like the cloth it is on

Cam_girl said...

Love the ornament. When you make more you'll have to put those pictures up too!