Book Review

'Amata means Beloved', by Sister Mary Catharine Perry, O.P.
I'd read reviews of this book a while ago and have just got around to buying it. It's a very small novel, about 100 pages so it was a quick read in two days. The opening of the book follows a young girl in her 20's as she enters a cloistered convent. The storyline describes her feelings of anger and hurt as she reflects on her brother's murder.
The day to day life of the nuns is the gist of the book. I really enjoyed this. The author is a nun from a cloistered convent so I'm sure her depiction is accurate.
It brought back happy memories from my childhood as I attended a convent school for a while.
A good read. Spiritually uplifting to me. Highly recommended.


Ginnie said…
sounds interesting... I am bewteen books at the moment and am not sure what to read next! Will note down the title
Barbara said…
This sounds like a special read. I have not come across it.

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