Sunday Scribblings.

My nights, or night time rituals have changed over the years, the same can be said of most people I'm sure. As we grow older our days and nights change to compliment our lifestyle.
In this topic I begin with memories of my childhood . I attended a boarding school and our bedtimes began with working along a corridor to get water which was then taken back to our cubicles to wash. This sounds'Dickensian' in a way, but actually it was quite acceptable, quite normal. This was the early 60's.
Jump on 10 years and I am at home with my Mum watching t.v. Every Tuesday night there were romantic movies shown. The one in particular I remember was' Love is a many splendoured thing', starring William Holden. I loved this film. When it finished , although we were both trying not to cry, Mum and I both burst into tears. That was such a girlie night .
Another decade passes and my chosen path is nursing and I am on night duty in a hospital in Durham City. A wonderful hospital. One night in particular we were very busy, We admitted five patients in two hours, it was hectic. I always remember the look on the day staff nurses faces when they found their ward filled to overflowing!
A few years after this I became a wife and mother. One of my children would not sleep a wink at night, so I broke all the nursing 'rules' and let her sleep in my bed.Needs must when you are exhausted. I can still remember the way my husband and I were elbowed out of the way till she found her comfy spot.
That brings me up to date with hubby and I enjoying a glass of wine occasionally while watching T.V. or reading.
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DJPare said…
good examples! Weird isn't it, how something as basic as going to sleep changes so much over the years.
Tammy said…
I enjoyed your memories of night. Our night's seem to constantly get redefined. ;)
keith hillman said…
A really enjoyable read. I've had lots of different nights through the years, but the ones I have now are simply the best! I'm all on my own and I love it!
Tammie Lee said…
fun to have an over view of your life.
Our nights keep changing with time. I found it enjoyable and interesting.


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