ABC Wednesday 'V'

So here we are flying through the alphabet. So it's 'V' for Violin. This instrument got a lot of work at one time but alas it's not seen much now. My daughters were very competent at one time, but a bit 'rusty' now and as you may see there is a string missing .

More pictures here.


RuneE said…
I enjoyed that one - I once upon the time (in the stone age) - played one.
Katney said…
The alphabet HAS flown by.
mrsnesbitt said…
Yes, alphabet is flying by but round 3 awaits!
Fuses sorted Houston we have full power! LOL!
When I was young I played the piano and guitar, but never the violin. It always looked so professional! I chose V is for vegetables from my floating garden. I invite you to come see. -- Margy
Anonymous said…
Poor little violin! I think you´ll play on it in the future. And of course it´s beautiful also hanging at the wall.
babooshka said…
Nver played the violin. I leave that to far more musically takented people. Lovely photograph of the instrument.

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