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Over on Dewey's blogthe theme this week is to write about our childhood books. Now I have a confession to make apart from the usual 'Famous Five', 'Secret Seven' (Enid Blyton)and 'Ballet Shoes'(Noel Streatfield) 'Noddy in Toyland',I can't remember a lot of reading. You must excuse me as we are talking a long, long time ago, lol!
What I do remember are the books I began to read as a teenager (around 17-18 yrs.)So these are the books that I became addicted to in those years, and this addiction has stayed with me to this day. There is evidence of this in an earlier post(dated 11th. May)

When I started my nursing career at 17yrs. one of my colleagues introduced me to Jean Plaidy and
in particular,
'Murder Most Royal,'
'The Captive Queen of Scots'
'The Sixth Wife'
'St. Thomas' Eve'

and then as Victoria Holt,
'The Curse of the Kings'
'On the Night of the seventh moon'.
I found these books great reads and have not ceased to read since.

So began my reading life and from there I moved to Agatha Christie and so on and so on.


Adrienne said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving your sweet Mother's Day wishes. Our day was full and blessed. A day with my dear little mother is always a treat. And I had special phone calls from my children. So special. ~Adrienne~
Marg said…
By the time I was 15 I had read every single Jean Plaidy book in the school library! I loved all her books, and still love Historical Fiction to this day!

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