Sunday Scribblings

Just found this blog
and thought I'd give it a try. The word to be included is SOAR.

The swallow soared above the house. It climbed and dipped in the clear, blue sky.
An old lady sat in her garden admiring the view. Years before her husband had planted a small, climbing rose. On this sunny day the roses were beginning to group and sprout up the trellis.A lovely sight. Each year she watched them as the stems and branches grew longer and weaved their intricate path upward. Skyward.
What an intriguing pattern they made. A horticultural spider's web. A lattice of loveliness.Her mind drifted back to the importance of the day.It was not an easy day. His anniversary.Memories of her husband's death loomed large.Her'best friend' was gone and she missed him more than ever.
But it helped to keep busy and consequently she'd nurtured his climbing rose. The fruits of this work, this labour of love could be seen today.As the roses climbed upward and the swallow soared and dropped in flight, it appeared that heaven and earth were merging. And perhaps, just perhaps her'best friend' was taking a peep at his favourite blooms.


lovely post! I love watching swallows and looking at roses and it can take your mind of sadness...
Granny Smith said…
A post both sad and consoling. It has beautiful imagery.
texasblu said…
" A horticultural spider's web. A lattice of loveliness."

I absolutely love your use of words here! :)
Mary Beth said…
That was beautiful and I love the idea of him checking on his blooms. It allows you to be a little closer to those you've lost.
nonizamboni said…
Very nicely done and the beauty of the rose was so indicative of the bittersweet memories.

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