City of York.

Yesterday my family(minus one daughter who wasn't on holiday, sorry sweetheart!)all visited York. It was a beautiful day with temperatures in the 70's. It is a splendid city with many attractions. Unfortunately we were only there for a few hours so we concentrated on The Minster.

This is the largest Gothic building in northern Europe . It dates from 1220 and took 252 years to complete. It is hard to credit how it was built in those days without the expertise of our modern equipment.

You can climb the central tower for amazing views of the city but unfortunately our timetable wouldn't allow this.
We don't live too far away so I feel another visit will be in the offing. I hope you enjoy the pics.
It is well worth a visit.

A few weeks ago I reviewed the book The Apothecary Rose,by Candace Robb. This was set in York . I took a copy of the book's medieval map with me and was pleased to trace some of the streets. The book was obviously well researched.


Barbara said…
We spent 4 nights in York not too long ago and still felt we could have used more time. Lovely city.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the little tour Zetor. I loved it. I am just amazed by the beauty of old buildings and towns. What a pretty place.

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