Book Tagged

I've been tagged by 'Charli and me'. My chosen book is a medieval mystery, 'The Apothecary Rose' by Candace Robb. There's an image on my book shelf opposite.

'Digby shook his head as if amazed by what he heard. 'A daft way to start out as a Summoner, murdering the Archbishop's ward.'

'Put that way, it was a laughable suspicion.'

I tag the following people with this, only take part if you have the time. No pressure. If you want to take part pick a book with more than 123 pages. Turn to page 123, copy the 6th, 7th and 8th sentences from the top of the page and send them in a tag to 5 people.


ellen b. said…
Hi Mog,
Thanks for the tag. I'll let you know if I can post soon. Have a beautiful day...
ellen b said…
Hello again,
My post is up, if you click on my name in this comment you should get there directly.
BooksPlease said…
My post is up at

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