Book Review -'Revelation' by C.J.Sansom. Spring reading challenge.

This murder, mystery is set in 1543 during the reign of Henry V111. Whilst solving murders this novel gives a good insight into the everyday life of the population. Apothecaries, doctors and lawyers all illustrate their professions and consequently the social aspect of life is revealed.
A series of murders and the plight of the inmates of Bedlam are the core of the book, with the somewhat charming and at times vulnerable lawyer Matthew Shardlake acting as detective. As throughout most of Henry's reign religion plays a prominent part.

Although nearing the end of his life Henry was still in pursuit of ladies , therefore Katherine Parr's main thought was to decide on her future.Not only was Henry interested in this widowed Lady but Thomas Seymour was keen to protect her from the lawbreaking side of London life.

This was an excellent book. Not only were the mysteries good but the medical and social details were fascinating. A book that I was keen to finish but not end!
Revelation Spring reading challenge


Barbara said…
Hi! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Nice to meet you.
There seem to be very few bloggers in England at present compared with the like of the States.
Your scones look good. We will be having some for tea tonight, just like the ones on my blog.
I wonder what part of England you are in?
Lezlie said…
I'm still waiting for this book to make it's appearance in the U.S. *Big sigh.* In the meantime, I'm reading it vicariously through all the U.K. reviews. :-)

zetor said…
Oh Lezlie, you won't be disappointed, I assure you. I hope all these reviews don't give too much of the plot away. Happy reading.
Lezlie said…
They're not giving away anything. And even if they did, I'd still love it, I have no doubt! :-)


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