Beyond the Sunset.

'Beyond the Sunset' by Anna Jacobs.

The first part of this novel is set in Western Australia. The year is 1864 and the four Blake sisters have travelled to Australia on the wishes of their Aunt . Twins Maia and Xanthe and their older sisters Cassandra and Pandora have left their home in Lancashire and not all are happy 'down under'.
Living in the Migrants' Home Pandora dreams of the cobbled streets of the U.K.Back in their home town the Aunt has died and these girls have inherited her shop in Oldtham. To contact the girls Zachary Carr , a responsible employee of the shop is sent by solicitors to trace the sisters and encourage them to return to claim their inheritance.
The journey to Australia takes months and Zachary has adventure on the way , but these are insignificant compared with the return journey. Not all the sisters are keen to leave their new home . When Zachary returns with his passenger life in Lancashire, and particularly the shop has changed and not all for the better.

This is my first 'Anna Jacobs' novel and I can't recommend too highly. The descriptions of the Australian outback compared with the Lancashire town were well written and the romantic adventure is certainly a page turner.


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